The Villa in Via Campi Elisi

Via Campi Elisi, 1-15, 80070, Bacoli

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About this activity

Just a few steps from the Villa Mirabilis, you will come across a small public park called the Villa of Via Campi Elisi. This small green space of Bacoli was designed to create a meeting point for children and as an alternative space to the urbanization. In effect, it is not a tourist site but a small public park made for citizens. 

Why visit the Park of Via Campi Elisi

The park stands on the promontory of Bacoli, right in the middle of the city, flanked by houses and streets. A real urban park where children can have fun together, meet to chat and admire the beautiful view from the benches in the shade of the ornamental and fruit trees that have been planted in the park. Its structure is on three terraces, equipped with pavement and street lamps: the first leads to a small altar, on the second there are benches to relax, while on the third terrace there is a play area dedicated to children. The park overlooks the ancient village of Bacoli and is located a short walk from tourist sites such as the Piscina Mirabilis and the Cento Camerelle, archaeological sites that attract many tourists that can find therefor, a small relaxation point in this park, before continuing to visit the city.     

The most important things to know about the Park of Via Campi Elisi

The Park is a real example of “Shared Asset Management” where the same citizens took care of the maintenance and reopening of the park, left for a long time in decay.

The difficult history of the Villa in Via Campi Elisi

As we said this small public park was designed and built as an area for children and families, in the middle of the Bacoli streets. It had to be a green area destined to the citizens. But its history was not the simplest.

The park was closed for a long time because of the degradation in which it poured: vandalism and dirt made the park practically inaccessible which in fact was also fenced just to limit the damage.

However, thanks to the initiative of various associations and the will of the citizens of Bacoli, many energies were invested to restore the small park. It is therefore thanks to this commitment and devotion that today the park can reopen the gates.  

Tips for the visit

Getting to

  • To reach the Point of Interest, follow the indications or push the button 'Get directions.'
  • Reach the Park of Via Campi Elisi by public transports
  • From Naples you can reach the Park of Via Campi Elisi by the underground line 2 which connects Piazza Garibaldi to Montesanto. From here, through the Cumana you reach the station of Torregaveta which is really near Bacoli.
  • Reach the Park of Via Campi Elisi by car
  • You can easily reach it by your own car from Corso Umberto I. Continue towards Via Montenuovo on the A56, taking exit 14 until bacoli.n

Activity's Location

Via Campi Elisi, 1-15, 80070, Bacoli