San Gennaro, between religion and history, from Pozzuoli to Naples

Via San Gennaro Agnano, Pozzuoli, NA, Italia








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About this tour

To follow San Gennaro‘s traces we need to be a patient tourist and a great walker. You can start your tour from the parking near Villa Avellino. Leaving the car overthere you can easily reach the Rione Terra.

Among the wonders of the site, you will find the Cathedral of Saint Procolus Martyr, where Artemisia Gentileschi’s picture is kept. This picture depicts the martyrdom of San Gennaro: specifically, the time when the wild beasts to which he was given as a meal, instead of attacking him, they calm, licking his feet.

After admiring the painting, we advise you to visit the Amphitheatre, which has been a place of pilgrimage for years.

At the exit from the Amphitheatre, climbing up Via Solfatara, after a long way uphill, you will arrive at the Sanctuary dedicated to the saint and you can make a stop on the belvedere not far away that will give you a splendid view of the gulf.

After recovering your strength you can go to the place of martyrdom, the Solfatara.

As a prize for having done all these climbs we recommend you to enjoy the descent and a lunch in one of the fish restaurants of Pozzuoli.

On the second day you can go to the Cathedral of Naples that deserves a long visit. Once out of the Cathdral we reccomend you to continue downhill along the road until the entrance of Forcella, where you will find a mural dedicated to the saint.


    Day 1

    Day 2

Tour's Location

Via San Gennaro Agnano, Pozzuoli, NA, Italia

    How to arrive

  • The most convenient point to start the first day path, by easily parking the car.

  • The most convenient point to start the second day path.