Tour of the Spanish Quarters between colors and flavors

Salita S. Anna di Palazzo, 1/2, 80132 Napoli NA, Italia
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About this tour

The Spanish Quarter is one of the most characteristic and authentic areas of Naples, which will lead you to the discovery of unique places and expressions of art contrasting with each other: from votive shrines, symbol of devotion and popular faith, you will observe artistic murals, symbol of modern social redemption. You will then conclude the tour with a tasty aperitif based on fried food and wine.

The tour starts from Via Chiaia, one of the most famous streets of Naples, continuing to Vico Storto a Sant’Anna and then reaching the Palazzo della Stamperia, which first printed the images and graphics of the remains and treasures discovered during the excavations of Herculaneum. The Royal Printing House was also responsible for the production of documents and editorial lines that passed from national to private management.

Then there are two stages dedicated to street art that concern two characters that embody the essence and history of Naples: the Murals of Maradona and Vico Totò. Maradona for Neapolitans is much more than a great footballer, known throughout the world as El Pibe de Oro, he played in many teams starting with his national team, Argentina, but in Naples he became a true idol.

Vico Totò

Walking down this alley you’ll be amazed by the variety of modern art forms that evoke a piece of Neapolitan culture. This is a true street museum dedicated to the Prince of Laughter, the timeless Totò. Each of the artists, with their own style, has contributed to pay homage to the famous Neapolitan comedian and his works including murals, graffiti, installations and even statues.

After seeing Vico Totò, you will visit the old air raid shelter of Largo Baracche, now a space for exhibitions. You’ll then see the Teatro Nuovo and the bass where, according to some testimonies, lived Filumena Marturano, the protagonist of the famous comedy by Eduardo de Filippo.

Why not end the tour with a good aperitif? In the Pignasecca Market you will have the chance to taste the classic Neapolitan fried food accompanied by an excellent wine!

The history of Quartieri Spagnoli

This historic area of Naples is divided into three different neighborhoods: San Ferdinando, Avvocata and Montecalvario. The Quartieri were born around the sixteenth century by order of viceroy Pedro De Toledo, with the purpose of housing the Spanish troops in charge of repressing popular revolts. The Spanish Quarters also housed soldiers passing through and inhabitants who had moved to the capital of the kingdom.

From the sixteenth to the eighteenth century the military occupation tended to fade and over time even the social class of the people who lived in the neighborhoods underwent a remarkable transformation: the citizens began to find employment in new areas, such as administration or finance, thanks to the presence of nearby offices in Via Toledo.

The welcoming urban conformation, the new discoveries and the modernization of the area, led to a remarkable development of tourism. The neighborhoods, in fact, are home to craft stores, stores, markets and restaurants nestled in the characteristic alleys. The proximity to the Toledo Metro Station and to the universities, moreover, makes it a very popular place for young students as well as for curious tourists.

As for the new discoveries, during the excavations for the realization of the second exit of the station, in piazza Montecalvario were found traces of residential settlements dating back to the Iron Age and probably also to the Bronze Age. In Piazzetta Santa Maria degli Angeli, on the other hand, artefacts from Medieval Naples have been found.

Perhaps not everyone knows that the Quartieri have also welcomed one of the greatest poets and writers of Italian literature: almost next to Corso Vittorio Emanuele, there is Palazzo Cammarota, where a commemorative plaque recalls Giacomo Leopardi‘s stay from December 1833 to May 1835.

The guide who will accompany you is Insolitaguida

Insolitaguida is a cultural association born in 2008 from the idea of archaeologist Luigia Salino who, tired of the classic guided tours, decided to promote Neapolitan culture in a different and original way. For its tours, the association relies on the collaboration of trained professionals: among them archaeologists, historians and architects.

With Insolitaguida the city is a continuous discovery: you can visit magnificent churches, ancient portals, hidden places, authentic and not taken for granted and also admire works of craftsmanship unique in the world.

The goal is to go beyond art, showing also the legendary Naples, with its traditions, colors, flavors and anecdotes that make it special and distinguish it from other cities.

Important things to know

Tickets and discounts 

  • The price of the tour is 10€ per person
  • The tour is free for children up to 6 years old

Tour information

  • The tour departs every Saturday morning at 10:30 am
  • The duration of the tour is about 2 hours
  • The meeting point is in Via Chiaia, at the corner of vico della Chiesa S.Anna di Palazzo, in front of Pizzeria Brandi


  • The tour guide is nationally licensed
  • The tour is available in Italian and English
  • Pets are allowed during the tour
  • There is a parking lot near the Maschio Angioino
  • There aren’t architectural barriers for people with motor disabilities
  • There aren’t architectural barriers for people with motor disabilities Earphones will be provided for the guided tour


  • The minimum number of participants is 2 people, the maximum number is 10
  • From 15 participants onwards, you can still make the tour with a second guide 
  • The reservation of the tour must be blocked at least 24 hours before departure
  • Cancellation is free of charge up to 48 hours before the beginning of the tour


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Tour's Location

Salita S. Anna di Palazzo, 1/2, 80132 Napoli NA, Italia
From: €10.00