In a Naples set in the 1930s, during the years of the fascist regime, Lino Guanciale plays the role of commissioner Luigi Alfredo Ricciardi, in the series “Il Commissario Ricciardi“, based on the novels by Maurizio De Giovanni.

The young commissioner, as well as a baron, has inherited from his mother a “curse”, which consists in seeing ghosts and hearing their last thoughts before death. From the moment he discovers he has this gift, the young Luigi Alfredo, devotes himself completely to his work, solving the mysteries that surround the murders committed in the city of Naples.

Ricciardi’s private life

In each of the six episodes of the first season, commissioner Ricciardi and brigadier Maione try to solve the mystery surrounding a murder. During the series, however, many characters are intertwined in the private life of the commissioner, although few, as his curse or “the Fact” as he calls it, lead him to be very closed.

It is worth mentioning the great Nunzia Schiano, who plays the role of Rosa, the commissioner‘s housekeeper, who has been taking care of him and his home since he lost his mother when he was young and has become a real adoptive mother. In Via Santa Teresa degli Scalzi is located the house of the commissioner, near the Stella district.

From his building, the young commissioner Ricciardi, frequently has an exchange of glances with the neighbor Enrica, played by Maria Vera Ratti.

Another friendship, a little deeper woven by Ricciardi is the one with Livia Lucani, widow Vezzi, played by Serena Iansiti, and known in the very first episode of the series. The rich widow Vezzi has a lavish residence in Via Sant’Anna dei Lombardi, right in the center of the city of Naples.

The commissioner’s colleagues

Because of his extremely reserved way of doing things, Ricciardi surrounds himself with few people, whom he trusts. The colleague who supports him in the investigation of the murders is brigadier Raffaele Maione, played by Antonio Milo. The latter lives with his family in Vico Concordia, near the Spanish Neighborhoods. Often during the series there are small excursus about him and his large family, troubled by the disappearance of his firstborn.

Another character who is part of the small circle of friends of the commissioner, is Dr. Bruno Modo, played by Enrico Ianniello and always called by the commissioner for autopsies. The doctor from the beginning reveals himself to be an anti-fascist, openly criticizing the regime, with the hope of being able to live in a better society. His house is located near New Jesus Square, in the historical center of Naples.

When the commissioner is not busy at the crime scenes or touring the city, the office where he works is the Police Headquarters of Naples.

Around the city of Naples with commissioner Ricciardi

The magical but mournful soundtrack of the series, “Maggio se ne va”, sung by the beloved Pino Daniele, accompanies the walks of the solitary inspector Ricciardi. Instead, let yourself be carried away by the melody of the streets of Naples!

The route we suggest is based on the location of the places, which in this case are all nearby. Undoubtedly, there are several places taken in the series including the Museum and Real bosco of Capodimonte, the Sannazzaro Theater at Vomero, Villa Pignatelli on the Riviera of Chiaia, as well as the Bourbon Royal Palace in Portici.

Starting on foot from Via Santa Teresa degli Scalzi, in the Stella district of Naples, where the commissioner lives, it is necessary to go south towards Vico Santa Maria della Purità, and then continue on Via Enrico Pessina and turn towards Dante Square, where it is possible to admire the statue dedicated to the supreme poet Dante Alighieri.

We must then proceed to Toledo Street, one of the most famous streets of Naples not only for shopping but also for typical views and centuries-old stores.

At the beginning of Toledo Street, it is possible to turn left and take Via S. Giacomo, and then turn right and arrive in Piazza Municipio, where the Police Headquarters of Naples is located and where Ricciardi‘s daily work takes place.

Alternatively, you can continue along Toledo Street, to get to Trieste and Trento Square. On the right you will find the famous Gambrinus.

Are you a lover of the series? Then it is a must to stop in this historic bar in Naples, as commissioner Ricciardi often frequents this place, both alone and with colleagues, to enjoy coffee and sfogliatella. This ancient bar is also known for the remote Neapolitan tradition of “suspended coffee”, which consists in paying a coffee to an unknown recipient who cannot afford it.

In front of the Gambrinus, then to the left of Trieste and Trento Square, there is the San Carlo Theater, the oldest opera house in Europe and still functioning today. You can also visit it with a guide who will tell you the history and curiosities about the Theater. Recently, the restoration of the facade has been completed, so you can admire it in all its magnificence.

We would also like to remind you that the San Carlo Theater has been a place often filmed in the series, and especially it was the scene of the first murder in the series. However, to shoot some scenes, part of the interior of the Theater was recreated at the former NATO base in Bagnoli.

Another place filmed in the series is the Church of San Ferdinando, which is located just before Trieste and Trento Square, on the left.

Proceeding south, then going beyond the Gambrinus, you will find yourself in the middle of Plebiscite Square, the symbol of this wonderful series.

What are you waiting for, then? Let yourself be carried away by the wonders of Naples and explore with us the beautiful Partenope!