Ascea, the ancient Velia

Ascea, the ancient Velia

Sea, mountain, art and culture, is the town of Ascea set in the Cilento National Park, rich in precious treasures. First Elea, then Velia and finally Ascea, its name comes from the Greek a-skaidon, place rich in light. Founded by the Phocaeans around the year 1000, it stands on a small hill overlooking the sea and is divided into the small villages of Catona, Mandia, Terradura and Marina di Ascea. The coast of Marina with its golden sandy beaches and the beautiful sea lily during the summer season teems with people eager to cool off in these beautiful waters. Characteristic is the cliff of Punta del Telegrafo behind which are the wonderful Baia d'Argento and the enchanting Baia della Rondinella, reachable only by sea. Cilento is a territory of great culinary traditions that offers many high quality products: the delicious anchovies of Menaica to eat fresh, in salt, raw or cooked, extra virgin olive oil DOP produced by olive trees in the area, wines such as Castel San Lorenzo DOC and Cilento DOC or even buffalo mozzarella and artichoke IGP of Paestum. When the beaches are empty and the city lights on Ascea is the perfect place to have fun, with lounge bar, clubs with theme nights, DJ sets, live music and farms where you can taste the typical Cilento dishes. Are you fond of ancient history? Here you can visit the archaeological area of Velia, whose excavations have allowed to rebuild the entire map of the city. Here was born the Greek philosopher Parmenides, founder of the Eleatic School, those who used the demonstration for absurd to refute the opposing theses. To him was dedicated an entire museum, The Museum of Paradox, born with the intent of hosting works of small artists inspired by the theme of paradox. Important is the Porta Rosa, the oldest example of a round arch in Italy built around the fourth century BC.

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