Visit Caserta, the city has a lot to offer besides the famous Royal Palace and its wonderful park filled with fountains. The Royal Palace of Caserta is the largest royal residence in the world, an Italian Versailles full of wonders, but also the surroundings of the city deserve to be discovered: a visit to the medieval village of Casertavecchia will allow you to experience a real leap into the past, while the monumental San Leucio resort will tell you about a social utopia wanted by the enlightened sovereign Ferdinand IV. Do not forget to visit Piazza Vanvitelli and admire the monument dedicated to the homonymous architect who made the city famous all over the world thanks to the Royal Palace project. When the evening comes, Piazza Dante will be the ideal place to spend a nice evening with your friends.

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Royal Palace of Caserta

Viale Douhet 2/a, 81100, Caserta 3h


2023-05-29 21:42:57

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