Cusano Mutri

Cusano Mutri

Cusano Mutri is a pretty village in the province of Benevento, located on a rocky spur in the eastern part of Matese. It is the ideal place for tranquility lovers, here time seems to have stopped with an atmosphere still medieval. This village developed around a Medieval Castle but now only its ruins are visible, which bring us back to its majesty. Cusano Mutri is the village of events: between September and October, it is filled with tourists eager to taste the gastronomic specialties of the area, mushrooms. The Mushroom Festival, rich in events and shows, has been held for more than 40 years and attracts thousands of people. On the day of Corpus Christi, local citizens and artists create the infiorata, a wonderful floral arrangement that colors streets and squares. You can visit many historic buildings, such as the eighteenth-century Palazzo Santagata or churches, including that of the Holy Apostles St Peter and Paul and St Nicholas. A short distance from the historic center, lovers of trekking can go to the Gorges of Conca Torta, the Gorges of Caccaviola, or they can take Via Ripa, an ancient path where you can admire an ancient stone tower. Not to be missed is also the path of the Forre di Lavello on the border with Cerreto Sannita.

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