Monte di Procida

Monte di Procida

Did you know that Monte di Procida is called "the terrace of the Phlegraean Fields"? From this small promontory you can enjoy some of the most beautiful views of the entire Phlegraean coast. From here, beyond the Procida canal, you can easily see the island of Procida, just a narrow stretch of sea away. Starting from here you can also reach the islet of San Martino, connected via a bridge and a tunnel. Enjoy its landscapes and its beaches, full of stories and legends to embellish them, such as the story about the lovers of Acquamorta Beach, which is an ideal place for taking romantic walks in the moonlight.

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Vantage points in Monte di Procida

Monte di Procida is a municipality in Naples as well as a headland of the most extreme part of the Phlegrean region. Thanks to its position, it is possible to enjoy a breathtaking ...

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