We guarantee incredible experiences: Money back guarantee

Movery makes sure to give you the best experience possible. That's why you can report us when an activity hasn't gone according to expectations.

Once any issues have been detected and verified, based on the responses of the user and the service manager, Movery will either reserve a discount coupon for the customer to purchase a new experience or refund the amount.

Terms and Conditions

The money-back initiative is valid for the 2021-2022 season on all experiences, tours and activities on the platform. Customers who purchase one of these activities, if dissatisfied, may have the option to request a refund of the amount paid at the time of booking under certain conditions.

Dissatisfaction with the service must be reported to customer service no later than the end of the activity. If the activity lasts more than a single day, it will be possible to request a refund no later than 24 hours after the beginning of the activity. Se l'attività ha una durata superiore al singolo giorno, sarà possibile richiedere il rimborso entro e non oltre le 24 ore dall'inizio dell'attività.

In order to request a refund, it will be necessary to fill out the online form in its entirety, which the client will have access to only after booking the activity. The data communicated with the reimbursement request form will be processed by computer and/or paper media for the sole purpose of managing the refund activities. The customer must verify that he/she is in possession of all requirements before proceeding with the reimbursement request.

If not, it will not be possible to receive the refund. Following the submission of the form, an audit will be conducted to ascertain the conditions through an interview with the client and the service delivery partner.

The refund will be made only for the amount paid by the customer at the time of purchase. Excluded are all expenses incurred by the consumer outside of the purchased activity.

In the event that for the activity to be carried out is required equipment or particular clothing and these are charged to the customer, there is no refund if the activity is denied.

If, however, one of our partners does not have the equipment included and you are excluded from the activity, there will be a refund. Refunds will be made within 30 working days of notice of dissatisfaction by receiving a coupon worth the amount spent or a refund of part or all of the amount spent.

As a result of dissatisfaction communicated, will be made to terminate the activity purchased by the consumer. Any consumer who refuses to terminate the activity early will no longer be eligible for a refund.

The granting of a refund is at the discretion of the Movery staff in charge of monitoring procedures. Products are excluded from the satisfaction or refund policy.

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