After the success of the first season, the second part of the wonderful series “My brilliant friend“, based on the novel of the same name by Elena Ferrante, has also conquered the hearts of several viewers.

We know very well that Naples, and in particular the Rione Luzzatti of Gianturco plays an important role the series, yet in the second season there is another very important place for our protagonists Lila and Lenù: Ischia.

Lenù’s first vacation: a summer in Ischia.

Already in the first season, precisely in the sixth episode of the series, Lenù goes on vacation to Ischia, following the advice of her teacher Oliviero, who tells her “You are pale, you need to take a bath, tan a little”.

As soon as she arrives in Ischia, Lenù disembarks at the dock of Ischia Ponte. In the scene it is possible to see the wonderful Aragonese Castle in the background. The young girl goes to the house of Nella Icardo, cousin of the teacher, and owner of apartments that she usually rents during the summer. Lenù will be able to stay at Mrs. Icardo’s house, in exchange for her service.

In Barano d’Ischia, in the Borgo di Testaccio, and more precisely in via Giorgio Corafà (before via del Commercio) is located the house of Mrs. Icardo.

From there, you can see in the background the famous Castle that is located on the top of the small island of Sant’Angelo d’Ischia, once a fishing village.

Moving on with the episode, Lenù meets the Sarratore family, with whom she will go to the beach. All together, in fact, they pass through via Iesca, a very steep path from which they can reach the Maronti beach. The scenes which show our protagonists at the sea are however shot in Sperlonga, in Lazio.

At the end of the episode Lenù returns to Naples, once again embarking at Ischia Ponte, and ready to help her friend Lila, involved in difficult situations in the Rione Luzzatti.

Lila and Lenù together in Ischia

From the second season, Lila becomes a wealthy woman and as a result she is able to go on vacation to Ischia with her best friend Lenù, finally crowning their dream of going to the beach together.

Lenù will return for the second time, but she is no less enthusiastic, especially because she will be in the company of her dear friend. The two protagonists disembark at the pier of Ischia Ponte and stay in the wonderful Villa Leone, in Panza, which is a hamlet of Forio. From their house it is impossible not to notice the village of Sant’Angelo.

In order to reach Bruno and Nino Sarratore, who had made Lenù promise to join him in Ischia, the protagonist passes through Via Torrione and Via Roma, located in the town of Forio, and then arrives at Palazzo Cigliano, where the boys are staying.

This palace is dedicated to the doctor and specialist in homeopathy Tommaso Cigliano.

In other scenes you can also see the Borgo di Celsa, as well as the Aragonese Castle, and finally there is also a shot on the provincial road that connects Barano d’Ischia with the Maronti Beach.

Only two episodes were shot on the island of Ischia, namely the fourth and the fifth. Already in the sixth episode the protagonists Lila and Lenù return to the Rione Luzzatti.

On vacation like Lila and Lenù: around the most beautiful places of Ischia.

With the advent of summer, what better place than Ischia for an excursion? We thought we’d suggest some places you can visit, just like the two protagonists of the beloved series do.

Starting from Naples, it is possible to choose between ferry or hydrofoil. The destination is the port of Ischia , which is about 20 minutes on foot from Ischia Ponte, where Lila and Lenù disembark. From here you can also admire the beautiful Aragonese Castle, which is the symbol of the island of Ischia.

For a sunny day, the ideal would be to go to the beach, just like our protagonists. From the port of Ischia Ponte you can reach the Maronti Beach by bus, but you can also move with a cab or rent a car or a motorcycle.

The Maronti Beach is one of the most beautiful in Italy, it is about 3 km long, and the place where you can observe sources of thermal waters, such as that of Cava scura, which appears in the episodes of My brilliant friend.

Do you prefer a quieter day of relaxation? Then a walk around the island is ideal for you.

Fixing as a starting point Naples, you can reach by ferry or hydrofoil, the Port of Forio. From the port it is possible to get to the center of Forio, and then take a walk to Via Torrione and Via Roma, places where our dear protagonists also pass. From the center of Forio, you can move, always on foot, to Palazzo Cigliano, another place filmed in the series, and also summer residence of Nino Sarratore.

Ischia offers many wonderful places to visit, and this is just one of the many paths that you can take. What are you waiting for to land on this fantastic island of Campania?