Based on the stories written by Maurizio de Giovanni, Mina Settembre is the new Italian TV series with record-breaking ratings.

When the theme song, sung by a little band called Pink Martini,  Una notte a Napoli (A Night in Naples), starts, we feel like walking around and going into the wonderful meanders of this magical city.

That’s why we retraced the places where the protagonist, played by Serena Rossi, lives her adventures.

A set entirely arranged in the heart of Naples

Although the places explored by the main character are many, one of the most frequently filmed locations is undoubtedly the Historic Center of the city of Naples, and more specifically the Rione Sanità (Sanità District).

Mina, the lead character, works as a social worker at the Clinic located inside Sanfelice Palace.

Another place shoot in the series is San Gregorio Armeno, where for a few scenes the protagonist walks around on Christmas Day.

A walk in the heart of the oldest part of Naples is definitely a must for the Neapolitans, and in addition, for years it has been the most attractive place for hordes of tourists who were curious to discover the tradition of the Neapolitan nativity scene.

The ancient Naples is not the only nerve center of shooting. There are, in fact, scenes that are often filmed in the Centro Direzionale, near the Palace of Justice, where Mina’s husband, Claudio, works.

Around the city but not only: the sea as co-protagonist of the series

Shooting is often set on the seafront, one of the most fascinating areas of Naples.

Not only the Mergellina seafront and Castel dell’Ovo (Ovo Castle) are filmed, but also the Borgo dei Marinari, Molo Beverello and the Reale Yacht Club Canottieri Savoia A.S.D.

In the second episode, the protagonist spends New Year’s Eve with her colleague Domenico, sailing around the Gulf of Naples and offering us viewers a wonderful sight of the entire city from the sea.

In episode number 10 we can see the Sanctuary of Santa Maria Francesca and the chair of fertility too.

A tour of Naples retracing the places of the series

Do you want to feel like Mina Settembre walking around Naples for a day? We decided to recreate a special route for the fans of the series!

Starting from Via dei Mille, where Mina’s house is located, you can take the funicular to Corso Vittorio Emanuele, to get to Montesanto Square.

The square is only one stop away, but, in order to pass the time, you could listen to the famous Neapolitan song Funiculì, funiculà sung by Luigi Denza and definitely appropriate for this tour.

Once the run is over, if you feel like walking, it is possible to go to the Rione Sanità, then to Sanfelice Palace (Palazzo Sanfelice) , just like Mina does every day on her way to work.

Do you want an alternative? From Montesanto Square, you can get to Via Toledo, where at the beginning you will find the Palazzo Doria d’Angri, a palace filmed in the fiction, and why not, if you wish, passing through Piazza del Plebiscito and the Royal Palace, and then, going down Via Cesario Console, you will find yourself right at the beginning of the wonderful Neapolitan seaside.

In the series, we can see Naples but there are also other tours nearby, for example to the Amalfi Coast, when Mina goes there with Domenico.

What are you waiting for? Naples is waiting you to be discovered, but with these suggestions you can plunge yourself into the most beautiful areas of the city by rediscovering the places of our beloved Mina.