Valentine’s Day is a special occasion to spend the day with those we love.

Whether it is a sunny day or not, Salerno is an extremely romantic city for Lovers’ Day. Here we try to give you some ideas to organize your Valentine’s Day in Salerno.

Suggested activities and places imply a minimum charge, or are free of charge. Salerno is in fact a suitable place even for younger people, or for those who aren’t willing to spend excessively.

There are many places that can be visited in Salerno for this occasion, whether you can use your own means of transport or not: as a matter of fact, the public transport service is very efficient and allows you to comfortably reach several points of the city.

Visit Salerno with your sweetheart

Assuming that you are a history lover and curious to discover the origins and some peculiarities of the city, nearby is located the Archaeological Complex of San Pietro a Corte, composed of various sections and with free admission. You can still choose the visit of the complex if it rains, since it’s indoors.

Near Salerno, about 25 km away, in the municipality of San Valentino Torio, Valentine’s Day is a very special day! Therefore, in the parish of St James major apostle, this is an opportunity to celebrate Valentine’s Day Priest and Martyr, but that’s not all.

All over the city, for the presence of several decorations, it seems that Cupid shot one of his magic arrows.

Do you love romantic walks? Salerno is the right place

Although February is mostly a cold month, there are often sunny days. Why not take advantage of it to take a nice walk?

The Lungomare Trieste is ideal with its tree-lined garden, which runs along the Tyrrhenian Sea. Among restaurants and bars, the promenade is perfect for a gourmet stop, and above all, walking, you can find the beach of Santa Teresa, a beautiful sandy shore surrounded by rocks where you can enjoy a relaxing break in front of the sea.

Slightly further away, but equally suitable for those who love calmness, is the Municipal Villa of Salerno. Inside there are several statues, among which, the Tullio fountain is noteworthy.

Do you like nature? Then you could also take a look at the Minerva Garden, a very old botanical garden located in the center of the city, and which contains many species of plants.

What if it unfortunately rains on February 14th? No problem, because in case of rain, the restaurants on the seafront set up gazebos indoors (even with stoves for those suffering from cold) and offer tempting dinners with a menu specially chosen for this romantic occasion.

Breathtaking views for lovers

Provided that you have the opportunity to move and above all, if you want to enjoy an astonishing view, the Chiunzi pass, which is about 30 km from Salerno, will be perfect for you.

This pass connects the Amalfi Coast and with the Agro nocerino-sarnese, geographical area near the river Sarno. Here you can take photos with your sweetheart while admiring a romantic sunset, but you can also book a romantic dinner at the nearby restaurant.

Another idea, equally appealing, is the visit to the Arechi Castle, in Salerno.

Located on the highest part of the city, Arechi Castle enjoys a spectacular view. Here we find also a museum, where historical finds are displayed, perfect for archeological sites lovers.

How to end this day of romance perfectly? By going to the belvedere of Trentinara, in the municipality of Salerno. Among the many road signs, a decidedly different one pops up: it is in fact the obligation to kiss in front of a breathtaking view.

The young people depicted on the sign are Isabella and Saul, comparable to Romeo and Juliet. According to the legend dating back to the end of ‘500, the two lovers, unable to live their love story for family opposition, threw themselves from the cliff of Trentinara.

Today this road sign is the destination of many young lovers who go there not only to enjoy the view, but also to take some cute photos.

So, what are you waiting for? Go spend your Valentine’s Day in Salerno!