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Traveling is an experience that broadens horizons and breaks down boundaries, but the state of places does not always match the specific needs of all travelers. Often open doors to knowledge turn into obstacles. We are working to make it easier to find the right trip to share with those you love.

Let's learn from young people to dream about accessible tourism

Technology alone, even the most advanced, is not enough to make accessibility information available to users. Involving Sociology and Engineering Management students seemed to us the best way to try to identify a model suitable for "getting basic information in order" and available to travelers. They devote their educational internship to studying methods to improve the reliability and usefulness of our tools.


Students work, in particular, on designing the flow paths of a chatbot that allows the user to quickly locate the destination with the features closest to his or her needs.

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We are developing an app that through AR will show information about points of interest and useful data about accessibility. We want to collaborate with real users: if you are an association or private individual dealing with accessibility, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Movery is a proprietary platform seeking investors who believe in tourism innovation. Do you also care about the same issues we do? Contact us for a partnership.

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Thesis on tourism and accessibility

Some trainees feel so close to the topic that they then want to go deeper with a thesis path. In return we offer them all the basic skills that can be reused in their digital career path, creating a virtuous exchange of skills.

Some ways to be accessible

Movery is developing an algorithm based on Artificial Intelligence capabilities that proposes customized travel itineraries to users based on specific interests and needs. The algorithm self-learns from users' choices and filters the best results for them.

In the meantime, if you run a place of recreation or culture you can begin to turn your attention to these supports and facilities that make places more accessible to all and submit to the accessibility level survey questionnaires.

Supports for people with motor disabilities

Aids for families

Hospitality toward animals

Parking lots near the facilities

Supports for the sensory disabled

Language supports

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