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The White Cave and the Wonderful Cave

White and Wonderful Grotto, 80073, Capri

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About this activity

Among the natural beauty of the island of Capri Deserving a separate mention are the fascinating caves that rise in the middle of coves and bays. Popular with tourists and visitors who can admire them during boat tours of the island, is the striking White Cave. Wonderful works of art sculpted directly by nature are the stalactite and stalagmite formations in the vast natural cavity that stimulate the imagination of the observer. A magical and all-to-be-discovered place with crystal-clear turquoise waters that reflect off the white walls, creating truly unforgettable plays of light.

Why visit the White Cave and the Wonderful Cave

The White Cave is a natural cavity located in the eastern part of the island of Capri. The cave has a karst origin, that is, it was formed centuries ago as a result of landslides and erosion caused by the action of sea waves on the rocks.

Its structure is very unique. The cave with its depth of about 30 meters consists of two interconnected rooms. One that widens in the lower part of the structure. Here an artificial channel connects two spaces where sea water enters, which would otherwise form two isolated ponds. On the walls of this environment can be seen engravings made by the hands of those who took refuge in the cave.

The other space, however, consists of an upper cavity that leads to the Wonderful Cave. In the latter environment, where the gaze is lost among the countless limestone formations of stalactites and stalagmites that dot the white walls of the cave, there is a curious rock structure at a high point. A stalagmite has taken on a particular shape over the years that makes it resemble the Madonna gathered in prayer. For this reason, the cave was baptized with the second name of Cave of Our Lady.

The whole is immersed in a unique setting where the white rock walls, are reflected in the crystal clear sea below creating a contrast between the white of the rock and the blue of the sea water. A striking and unforgettable spectacle that will leave you breathless.

The Marvelous Cave

Above the White Cave cavity then opens the environment of a second cave: the Wonderful Cave. The rays of the sun entering Wonderful Cave and reflecting off the walls create incredible plays of light and shadow due to the countless stalactite and stalagmite formations found here. Silvery droplets fall from time to time from the ceiling of the cave, creating an ideal moist environment for the growth of the beautiful maidenhair fern that is thriving and flourishing here.

Looking down overlooks the waves of the sea, which accompany the visit to this incredible spectacle of nature with their skiers.

The most important things to know about White Cave and Wonderful Cave

The White Cave can only be visited from the sea. One can go there by private boat or through the many tours and boat rides offered in the main port of Marina Grande. The cave lies precisely on the eastern part of the island of Capri, not far from Punta della Chiavica and not far, as the crow flies, from the Natural Arch. Access to the Grotta Meravigliosa suspended 22 meters above sea level, is by means of a charming little staircase carved directly into the rock of the cave below.

Curiosities and history about White Cave and Wonderful Cave

On the snow-white walls of the White Cave, interesting signs testifying to the passage of man are engraved. Known as early as Roman times, it seems that the large cave had been used as a shelter for boats. During the seventeenth century, however, at the time of the terrible raids of the pirates as Barbarossa, who for many years looted and terrorized the locals, the cave served as a hiding place for some of the island's inhabitants.

Particular, finally, is the story told in the book "The Sicilian" by Mario Puzo. The author tells that the Grotta Bianca had been the hideout of a famous Sicilian outlaw, Salvatore Giuliano, who hid in this cave after killing a policeman. An affair that to this day leaves doubt as to whether it was fantasy or reality.

Although White Cave had been discovered years earlier, the first exploration of Wonderful Cave took place in 1991 by two British travelers-Lieutenant John Oakley Maund and Lieutenant Ralston Kennedy, accompanied by Consular Agent Trower. Following this discovery, the entire White Cave complex was renamed Stalactite Cave.

In years to follow many others went on to discover the cave until the writer Ewers, who amazed by the irresistible charm of the place, once again changed the name of the cave, assigning it the definitive appellation of Wonderful Cave.

Activity's Location

White and Wonderful Grotto, 80073, Capri

How to get there

How to reach White Cave and Wonderful Cave by car

It is not advisable to reach Capri by car because car access for residents of Campania is prohibited from April until the end of October.

How to reach White Cave and Wonderful Cave by public transportation

From Naples or Pozzuoli, it is possible to reach the island of Capri by ferry. It is from the port of Marina Grande that boats depart for boat tours of the island. Alternatively, it is possible to reach the Grotta Bianca by private boat, sailing in the direction of Punta della Chiavica.


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