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Tourist Restaurant: how to enjoy a delicious lunch near the Pompeii ruins

Via Plinio, 107, Pompeii, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy
(4 reviews)
€30.00 per person



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Important things to know

Services included

  • Exclusive Movery money back guarantee
  • Tourist assistance service included
  • Instant ticket delivery
  • Tickets are accepted on smartphones

Tickets and discounts

  • The Traditional Menu costs 30 € per person
  • The Light Lunch Menu costs 16 € per person
  • Pizza and Drink Takeaway option costs €11 per person
  • Children pay the same as adults

Tour information

  • The restaurant is open daily from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm. From November to February, opening hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • The venue is located on Via Plinio, 107 in Pompeii (NA).
  • The restaurant is just 100 meters from the entrance to Porta Marina and the entrance to Piazza Esedra
  • The Traditional Menu includes a sample of pizza margherita, a duet of gnocchi alla sorrentina with Neapolitan lasagna, lemon tiramisu, water, glass of wine or another beverage of your choice
  • The Light Lunch Menu includes a small salad, a dish of your choice of spaghetti with tomato/spaghetti bolognese/carbonata or piazza margherita, lemon tiramisu, water, soft drink of your choice or small beer
  • Pizza and Drink Takeaway option includes a choice of margherita, marinara or diavola pizza with soft drink
  • There is the option of choosing an a la carte menu to be paid for at the time


  • Both people with disabilities and animals are allowed
  • Next to the restaurant is a parking lot. The cost is free for those who eat only, while those who wish to visit the excavations will have to pay 10 €


  • Cancellation can be made up to 24-72 hours before the reservation date

Informazioni su questa attività

Are you planning to visit the wonderful Archaeological Excavations of Pompeii, but don't know how to arrange for lunch? No problem! At Tourist Restaurant you can stop for a meal as soon as your visit is over or before you enter in the afternoon. Here you can enjoy the best of Neapolitan cuisine with your family or group of friends.
The restaurant is located just 100 meters from the main entrances of the tourist site and is the ideal solution for a rejuvenating break. At the restaurant you will have the opportunity to taste as many as 3 menus of your choice.
The Traditional Menu consists of a sample of pizza margherita, duet of gnocchi alla sorrentina with lasagna alla napoletana, and a nice lemon tiramisu to end the meal. The price includes water, wine or another beverage.
If you prefer something lighter instead, you can choose the Light Lunch Menu which includes a small salad and a first course of your choice of spaghetti with fresh tomatoes, spaghetti bolognese, carbonara or pizza margherita. To finish, you will be offered a lemon tiramisu with local citrus fruits. You will also have water, small beer or other soft drink on the menu.
Those who then have little time or do not want to weigh themselves down too much can opt for the menu Pizza and Drink Takeaway. This option allows you to eat a pizza of your choice of margherita, marinara or diavola and soft drink as an accompaniment. So what are you waiting for? Come to the Pompeii Tourist Restaurant to make your day at the excavations even more special!
From: €30.00

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How can I pay? Is my payment secure?

You can pay using your credit card, bank transfer or at our offices (by appointment) at Via Solfatara 31, Pozzuoli (Naples). Our payment system encrypts your data for Protect you from fraud and unauthorized transactions. To process your credit card transactions, Movery uses secure and internationally recognized payment systems. To ensure your safety, do not send direct payments to any activity provider outside of our site. Payment will be processed at the time of booking. However, some activities require confirmation from the activity provider. If your reservation has not been confirmed prior to your trip or before your activity start time, you may contact us to request a refund through the same payment method you used when making your reservation.


Posizione dell'attività

Via Plinio, 107, Pompeii, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy

How to get there

How to reach the restaurant by car
From Piazza Garibaldi in Naples take Corso Lucci and Via Ferraris to take the A3. Advance for 18 km and take the exit for Pompei Ovest. After 600 meters enter SS18/Tirrena Inferiore and turn left onto Via Plinio.
How to reach the restaurant by public transportation
From Piazza Garibaldi station in Naples take the Circumvesuviana Napoli-Sorrento line and get off at the Pompei Scavi Villa dei Misteri stop. From here continue on foot on Via Villa dei Misteri. Turn left to take the SS18/Tirrena Inferiore. Continue straight ahead to Via Plinio.


Very good
(4 reviews)
Very good
4 reviews on this Activity
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Michele Mustaca
Classica trappola per turisti, 15 euro per una birra da 33cl, una pizza minuscola (o un misero piatto di pasta al pomodoro) e un dolce (o 2 pezzi di anguria). Ps. Ovviamente dicevano a tutti di pagare in contanti, senza emettere nessuno scontrino
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Pasqualino Formicola
Abbiamo trascorso una splendida giornata, resa ancora più speciale per il servizio ottimo, la cucina senza rivali, l'ambiente confortevole. È stata un'esperienza all'insegna di piatti tradizionali e allo stesso tempo moderni; tutto questo è stato reso possibile grazie alla cordialità del proprietario che ringraziamo con tanto affetto. Un saluto dagli amici di Pignataro Maggiore.
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Sabrina Piccitto
Se vai a Pompei non puoi non fermarti qui! Un meraviglioso pranzo grazie al sig.Giovanni che con la sua accoglienza ed eleganza è riuscito a farmi sorridere e rilassare, pranzo ottimo e a buon prezzo. Lasciatevi consigliare da loro, pesce fresco, pizza vera napoletana " ho ancora l'acquolina in bocca" e come x magia un dolcetto sublime. Grazie per tutto di cuore

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