Besides being an excellent idea for physical exercise, trekking is also an opportunity to be able to make ravishing outdoor excursions.

This activity can be very pleasant, since visiting beautiful natural places gives us a sense of peace and well-being, but you must be prepared for any eventuality!

What does an experienced hiker need? It is essential to choose what to bring and how to prepare according to the type of itinerary. Here we try to give you some tips on how to prepare at your best everything you need to organize your tour!

Preparing the backpack

Happy is the hiker who the sun shines on.To avoid overloading your backpack, or carrying too little, it is important to consult the weather forecast for the day you choose to hike.

In case it rains, a rain jacket to put on top of your backpack will do the trick. On the other hand, if it is particularly hot and the sun is very strong, prepare a sunscreen that you can use whenever you need it.

Also, remember that the clothing must be chosen according to the destination. The hiking shoes are the most important element: they will allow you to walk and move with comfort.

Depending on the area, consider choosing a pair of hiking boots, for the presence of any dangerous animals or insects. In specialized stores you can find the ideal clothing: jackets, gloves, long-sleeved shirts and fleece blankets, in case of cold environment, or pants, breathable t-shirts and a cap for a trip to a sunny place.

Selecting the essentials is crucial

Before filling your backpack, ask yourself which of the things you've chosen to take with you are essential, then store the items according to how often you will use them rather than by category, to avoid rummaging through your rucksack.

Another very useful tip, is to prepare your backpack and test it before leaving, to make sure it's not too heavy. There are stores that sell backpacks suitable for trekking, made to avoid back pain.

Essential objects

Among the items to put in your backpack that should be prioritized, in addition to the water bottle and food, there is definitely the camera but that's not all. Here are other objects that could be useful during your hike or basic in case of need:

  • Torch: useful especially for afternoon or evening trips, even better if long lasting or waterproof.
  • Knife: with its many functions, it is key for any eventuality.
  • Thermal cover: in case the temperature drops, to protect from the cold and bad weather.
  • Rope: you can choose one of 5 or 6 meters, and it can have several uses, including support for the tent, if you choose to spend the night hiking, or support for the backpack.
  • Compass: it is advisable to always have one since, despite the GPS on our devices, it could happen to head toward an area where the signal is not powerful, and in that case it will be useful for orientation.
  • Lighter or matches: to light a fire, if you decide to spend the night outside. It's best to also get a wax candle to help you if there is a high level of humidity.
  • Whistle: it is good to have one with you in case of an emergency, to call for help.

Organize a memorable excursion

Campania, with its unique and beautiful natural landscapes, offers all-around possibilities.

Being the symbol of Naples, the Vesuvius is the immediate association you make with the city.

It can be reached either by car or by bus. The latter stops in a square, in Herculaneum, at about 1000 meters above sea level, which is precisely the point from which the excursion to the crater of Vesuvius starts.

From here you can then continue on foot, walking along several hairpin bends with a breathtaking panoramic view and a great variety of vegetation, including the broom, flower sung by the poet Leopardi,in his famous piece.


The excursion to the crater of Vesuvius is not the only one available in Campania. In fact, starting from the district of Agerola di Bomerano, about 50 km from Naples, you can take the Path of the Gods (Path of the Gods).

Not only is it reachable by car, but also by bus, in fact there many departing from Naples. The path consists of a walk along the Amalfi Coast, on the Lattari Mountains, whose final destination is Nocelle, a locality in Positano.It is recommended to plan this excursion in spring or summer, in order to fully enjoy the wonderful natural landscapes.

Of course, the itineraries of Campania do not end here, there are still many places where you can walk in contact with nature.So, saddle up! Start packing everything you need for your next hike!