No fear for pet lover: Naples it’s one of the wonderful city pet friendly! In addition to being a city full of amazing traditions: pizza, alleys of the old town, coffee, sfogliatelle, babà and other delicacies in a unique setting, almost like a living crib, it’s also very pet friendly. Vesuvius is its principal symbol and the smell and colors of the city full of history and traditions, attracts tourists from everywhere and in any time of the year.


Visit Naples with your dog

Our four-legged friends are a great company and they give to us a lots of love. If you don’t want to leave it at home and you want to take it in holiday with you, Naples is the right place! There’s a lot of wonderful places to visit with our four-legged friends. All we need in bright and sunny day are nice walk along the promenade, meanwhile sport lovers may choose a good run in long boulevards of the Park of Capodimonte, alternatively who loves archeology can visit the archeological site of Pompeii. Most of the park of Naples allows dogs (obviusly in accordance the rules we will discuss later) and our friend will surely happy to accompany us and welcomed. Then if you want to take a good aperitif with human and animal friends, just look for numerous cafés that have joined the fantastic initiative “Aperidog”. Are at once recognized because they exhibit at the entrance bowls with water and food. Instead it it’s warm and you want to go for a dip, choose free beaches where dogs can follow you and keep you company under the parasol. Then there are beaches completely dedicated to our four-legged friends: the Dog Beach such as Bau Bau Beach Village in Eboli (Salerno) or the closest Colpo di Coda located in Via Campana, Pozzuoli (Naples). These are beaches equipped where dogs can enjoy a beautiful day at the beach playing on the shoreline or whit a dip in the waves.

Visit places with our four-legged friends: here are the rules.

The rules that each dog owners must remember to bring his friend with him, are few but required. Dog is often admitted in public places, such as trains, subways and paks. However it is good for other but also for our puppies, that are kept on a leash. Muzzle may also not to be worn but it’s required bring it with you, just like the hygienic bags which must be used when needed. Can be useful to bring a bottle of water and the health card in bag, for any need.

Just few exceptions where dogs are not welcome

There are places where dogs cannot enter for certain reasons. The biggest wall of supermarkets endures the entry of small dogs, only if taken in arms. However in Chiaia, for example, this exception is not enough and the dog entrance is categorically forbidden. Few are the parks with the same limitation such as the park of Villa Floridiana, in the Vomero, or Nature reserve of Astroni Crater and the estate of the Place of Caserta. Lastly, in certain beaches of Sorrento, is forbidden the entrance of dogs.