Italy has always been one of the favorite destinations chosen by tourists from all over the world for their holidays. One of the main reasons why this happens is, as we all know, good food. In every corner of the world Italy is synonymous with eating well, which in itself is an excellent reason to attract gourmets from every country who cannot wait to taste typical Italian products.

However, in addition to the food and wine excellence, Italy has much more to offer. The Italian territory is in fact suitable for any type of traveler. Archaeology enthusiasts certainly cannot miss a visit to the nation with the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Nature lovers will find a wide choice of parks, reserves and magnificent landscapes to admire. Those seeking relaxation and tranquility have only to choose from the thousands of possible destinations, whether it is crystal clear sea, peaceful villages in the countryside or mountain lodges.

Italians often forget to pay attention to the thousand wonders that the area has to offer. During this period, when exceptional events push them to focus on domestic tourism, it can therefore be useful to understand the reasons why tourists from all over the world love this country so much.

Through George's Eyes: alternative narratives of a tourist Italy

In order to really appreciate this territory, we can start by letting ourselves be guided by the reasons why tourists prefer Campania as a destination for their holidays.

George Febish is an American travel blogger and vlogger. Through videos on his blog and his social media channels he loves to describe the beauties he discovers in his travels all over Italy.

Take a look at one of his videos in which he talks about his love for Italian food.

George lists the best typical dishes he has had the opportunity to taste in all regions of Italy. After this, he focuses on some areas in particular by showing us the photos of the most appetizing foods that he has tried. Campania is one of the regions he speaks of in more detail, showing a great love for dishes based on fresh fish and for the inimitable flavor of Italian bread, pasta and pizza.

We can notice some small inaccuracies when it comes to the origin of the products (such as pasta and beans, which is a typical Campanian dish): this shows that the Italians still have to deeply learn the history of their typical flavors, so that they can give correct information to foreigners who choose to visit them and taste their products. Food is a fundamental part of Italian identity and culture, a heritage that must be enhanced and transmitted with the utmost care.

Why do foreign tourists love Campania?

Among the Italian regions, Campania has always been one of the most popular with foreign tourists. This area can only exert a very special charm, thanks to the richness of its territory and its long history full of interesting anecdotes. Let's find out some of the reasons why Campania is an excellent destination for your holidays.

There are tons of local products to discover and taste

Needless to say, we all know that Italy is in all probability the most popular "culinary" destination. Campania, in this sense, offers an incredible variety of typical products to be discovered. A classic Neapolitan pizza is obviously a "must-eat," but there is much more to taste: you can try the local street food at the Pignasecca Market, with tripe and fried food that send a mouth-watering scent; for those who love to eat healthy, the fertile Campanian soil offers exquisite vegetables and fruits such as the Annurca apple, mandarin orange and lemon. Speaking of lemons, other typical delights such as limoncello and the very special lemon coffee derive from this exceptional fruit.

Do not forget to link these tasty products to unforgettable experiences: what could be better than enjoying a glass of wine (perhaps one of the Vesuvian wines) while admiring a sunset over the sea of Naples?

It is one of the Italian areas richest in Roman archaeological sites

Ancient Rome has always exerted an immense charm on our imagination. It is natural to wish to go in search of those places we have heard so much about back in school. Try to imagine how you would feel at the sight of the Pompeii ruins: it would certainly be a unique and unrepeatable experience. Despite the international fame of the Pompeii and Herculaneum ruins, it must be remembered that Campania is rich in many other Roman treasures. By exploring Movery you can find them all and discover many less usual wonders.

It is rich in natural beauties

Nature lovers choose Campania also because of the many possibilities it offers: whether you love trekking, diving, botany or simply walking in the open air and admiring beautiful views, you will surely find a suitable option for you. You can explore the Baia Underwater Marine Park with a guided dive, enjoying the crystal clear sea of a protected marine reserve. Botany enthusiasts will have the opportunity to take a relaxing walk in the oldest botanical garden in Italy, the Garden of Minerva in Salerno. Trekking and hiking enthusiasts, on the other hand, can enjoy the lush nature of the Vesuvius National Park or the Lake Fusaro Park, without forgetting the possibility of walking in the greenery even in the center of Naples, thanks to the green lung represented by the Royal Park of Capodimonte.

Naples: the treasure chest of wonders

Naples is one of the most famous and important cities in Italy. Tourists from all over the world have heard a lot about it and have seen it represented in many immortal masterpieces of Italian cinema. It is therefore inevitable that it is one of the most popular destinations. How can you resist a walk in Plebiscite Square, a visit of the majestic New Castle or a stop to admire Naples Cathedral?