Movery has come up with an interesting novelty, namely a rich selection of experiences for all those vacation workers who have to work even on vacation. Traditionally, tourism originated as a form of distraction and getting away from daily life and work, but with the new phenomenon of vacation working, it is the very concept of vacation itself that is changing.

For those who do not know, the so-called holiday workers are those people who do smart work while on vacation. In fact, after the 2020 pandemic, remote working has become an increasingly popular reality, and it is in this groove that the first holiday workers were born, capable of revolutionizing work-life balance.

Precisely to meet such needs, we have decided to propose a series of activities that may be ideal to do as a lunch break or in the late afternoon at the end of work. For example, if you are lucky enough to take a vacation in Pozzuoli you can stay overnight at the B&B Alma Holiday Home by Movery.

This is a beautiful apartment located in the vicinity of the waterfront and a stone's throw from the Cumana line station. Here the rooms are equipped with the main amenities and you will also find a corner equipped with a desk for your workstation.

But how to spend time when you want to unplug from smart working? Movery takes care of that! For you we have created great experiences that will give you unforgettable moments with family or friends. For a group activity you can take advantage of this guided tour of Naples Underground. The archaeological site that stretches beneath the Basilica of San Lorenzo Maggiore can be accessed from Piazza San Gaetano. Here you can admire the remains of the Roman macellum, the first-century B.C. market that will fascinate you with its artisan workshops.

Equally interesting is also this walking tour Sea Out. Fans of the hit TV series will be able to take a tour of downtown Naples to visit some of the locations that have hosted the filming of the drama, including Molo San Vincenzo, the Via Toledo subway, the Montesanto neighborhood and more.

Instead, holiday workers who want to take a lunch break can opt for a tasting of typical products in Cilento. The event takes place at an agritourism in Trentinara, a small village in the province of Salerno, where you'll take a tour of the estate to learn all about goat farming and cheese production. This will be followed by a tasting of local products, including cheeses, cured meats, jams, Cilento pizza and wines galore.

Of a different kind is theDante's Inferno at the Pertosa-Auletta Caves. The play is held in this beautiful location, in which actors and dancers play characters from Dante's Inferno. In addition to the supreme poet, you will meet Paolo and Francesca, Charon, Ulysses, Count Ugolino, Lucifer and many others.

However, those who prefer to stay in the city can easily take a break from work with a relaxing walk in downtown Naples. The tour starts from Piazza Dante, and then walk towards Piazza Bellini and Via dei Tribunali. You will then continue in the direction of Via San Gregorio Armeno, the famous street of nativity scenes, before arriving at the Monastery of Santa Chiara and Piazza del Gesù.

For something more romantic and atmospheric we recommend this aperitif on a boat in Procida. Depart at sunset from the port of Marina Grande to visit the western side of the island. You'll get to see Ciraccio Beach, Chiaiolella and the Vivara Island Bridge. On board there will be room for a small aperitif with local products.

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Are you in the mood for an enchanting experience for two in a dreamy place? Then don't miss out on this boat tour with romantic dinner in the Gulf of Naples. Departure is from Borgo Marinari, and after exploring the Posillipo shoreline we will return to have dinner at Castel dell'Ovo under the stars.

For the most stressed holiday workers, there is the option of purchasing a spa day in Cilento. You can take a 90-minute wellness journey enjoying the pool, whirlpool, sauna, experience showers and more. The more reckless, on the other hand, can have fun with this zipline flight in Cilento. Available for singles and couples, the activity allows you to observe the Gulf of Salerno from above, and upon request you can enjoy GoPro service.

For workers who enjoy working with their hands, there is an exciting pottery workshop in Vietri sul Mare which allows you to learn how to create a figurine that you can later keep as a keepsake. You will also learn the various techniques of decorating pottery.

To top it all off, vacation workers on vacation can purchase a'hot air balloon excursion to Paestum. From the archaeological area you will leave for a 45-minute flight that will show you the temples from above, as well as the Cilento National Park and the Gulf of Salerno.